What's STUDIO is a free software made to build, render and create instructions for LEGO® MOCs. All MOCs displayed on IKM have been created and rendered thanks to it.

Why using it? When you buy any of the MOCs, in addition to parts list and instructions to build it, you'll also have the possibility to download the associated file. If you want to go further, change the colors, do some rendering or just integrate it into your own project, then you'll be able to do so!

How to use it First, you'll have to download it. Then, for each MOC you bought:

  • go to your account,
  • in My Mocs tab, select the MOC you want,
  • go down to the project tab, and click on Download.
You'll then be able to open this project in the software, and play around.

Once it's opened in, you'll be able to:

  • do some rendering,
  • change the colors,
  • edit the steps,
  • visualize and modify the instructions,
  • integrate the model to any other project of your own,
  • and many many other cool things! illustration